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Here at Multi Pump Distribution we provide cost effective pumping solutions around Wiltshire and the UK. Pumping Solutions for everything from water supply to sewage disposal. Our promise is "You name it, we can pump it"

Product categories

Clean water pumps

Clean Water Pumps

A vast range of potable water pumps and pumping systems for surface and borehole installations are available with materials conforming to WRAC regulations. Please send your requirements through to our Technical Sales Department who will be glad to assist you with your pumping requirements.
Electrical control panels

Electrical Control Panels

MPD supply and install control panels to suit almost any specification. Our standard range of panels are built for DOL or Star Delta operation. Please forward your project requirements to enable us to offer you a competitive quote.
Pressure booster sets

Pressure Booster Sets

MPD supply a range of off the shelf water booster pump sets manufactured to water authority standards, we also manufacture to specific client specifications. Please contact our Technical Sales Department with the project information to enable us to offer you a competitive quote.
Pressure vessels

Pressure Vessels

Pressure vessels are added to a pumped water supply in order to minimise start/stop wear on the pump and reduce energy costs – particularly for very high demand applications with a large variance in that demand.
Pumps for industry

Pumps For Industry

MPD have considerable industrial pumping experience and can provide a solution to your pump problem whether it is for the supply of a new pump, spare part or the repair of an existing unit. Contact our Technical Sales Department or Service Department for more information.
Waste water pumps

Sewage & Waste Water Pumps

An important part of MPD's business is in project work, requiring the complete process of tendering to a client-produced specification, selection of the pumping scheme and commissioning of the final product.
Ultra Violet disinfection

U.V. Disinfection

We are competitive for the supply and installation of UV systems and filtration. We are pleased to offer advice to help you with your requirements. Shown opposite is an installation of UV disinfection equipment at Lego Land Windsor.
Water filtration

Water Filtration

There are numerous ways of filtering water, each with varying degrees of effectiveness, and varying costs dependant on the final quality of the product. The general purpose of filtering water is to improve the water's hygiene and visual qualities.
Water storage tanks

Water Storage Tanks

Unsurprisingly, water tanks store water, but do so in many guises; from adapted 40’ containers to bespoke, shaped tanks that sit on a booster-set’s frame.
Well pumps

Swimming Pool Pumps

There are numerous manufacturers in this market and it is very competitive but with so many things in this world, you get what you pay for. Bear in mind that these pumps generally run 24/7.
Well pumps

Borehole & Well Pumps

Also known as Bore-hole Pumps, these service the 1% of the population that is still not supplied via the National Water Boards (some 650,000 people!).
Well pumps

Heat Pumps

All our surroundings, even a block of ice, has heat. The purpose of a heat pump is to absorb heat in one place where it is plentiful, then to transport and release it in another location where it can be used for space or water heating.
Well pumps

Pump Seals

Unless you have installed seal-less hardware, your pumps will be reliant upon seals be they mechanical, lip or gland packed to prevent seepage / leaking / escape of liquids and gases into the environment.
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